About the Website


Welcome! This site brings together the people, organizations, and activities at Middlebury that together are working to transform Middlebury’s culture. 

SHOW UP highlights events.

DIY LEARNING provides suggestions for what to read, watch, and listen to.

CONNECT provides links to campus and local organizations, as well as suggestions for people to follow on your favorite social media platform.

GET FUNDING points to programs designed to support anti-racist projects

NEWS tells the stories of our efforts and provides inspiration and ideas for those interested in doing this work

Do you have news? Are you holding an event? Do you want your organization listed here? Have a suggestion for a book to read, a podcast to listen to, or a video to watch? You can easily add material from every page on the site. 

Anti-Racist Taskforce Members

Christal Brown
Akwasi Agyeman
Tara Affolter
Shannon Bohler
James Chase Sanchez
Derek Doucet
Jason Duquette-Hoffman
Rachel Joo
Brian Lind
Jonathan Miller-Lane
Kristen Mullins
Myles Maxie
Esther Palmer
Ali Paquette
Shelly Pottorf
Mike Roy
Ashley Taylor
Esther Thomas
Ellie Thompson

This site was built  by:

Akwasi Agyeman ‘22.5
Leanne Galletly
Myles Maxie ’22
Esther Palmer
Mike Roy
Elli Thompson ’22
Tom Woodward


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